Celebrating Uniqueness In Every Woman

Celebrating Uniqueness In Every Woman
This Woman's Day we are celebrating the Women behind Apella. the ones who are the very essence of all that we do. From C-Suite to Operations & Marketing, these are just Some Women who make our Products & Services simply Awesome.
Apella Founder & CEO- Mrs. Ritu Khanduja

The woman behind Apella, who went beyond the limits of societal norms to follow her true passion.  For all of us at Apella, she is an epitome of how women can impact the lives of everyone they meet. The positivity that she embodies ensures that we deliver not only products to you, but also Comfort, Confidence and Happiness.




Apella Head of OperationsMeet the life of our workspace, her friendly and resourceful nature; and her curiosity to learn is what makes her special. Her sprightly-brightly energy makes our organisation more enjoyable to work in.




Apella Operations Executive-Ms. Manisha




And then there is Manisha, who never looks up at her watch while working. She is the one who makes sure that your order reaches you accurately and timely. And one thing worth - mentioning is that she never forgets to say bye without a smile.


Apella Assistant Designer-Ms. Jyoti Nagra


The lovely designs that are equally comfortable, spring out of our Assistant Designer, Ms. Jyoti Nagra’s, creative mind. She constantly tries to add style and ease to your wardrobe. The best part is the positivity that she carries and her contagious smile, making her an instant favourite of everyone she meets.


Apella Marketing & Promotions Manager-Ms. Sapna Chattri


She is the creative head behind most of the content you see on our social media handles.  The utmost dedication and passion that she pours in her work is evident through the content she creates. If 'Words are Silver, Silence is Gold' had a face, it would definitely be hers.


 Apella Assistant Brand Manager-Ms. Lalita Rathore

Her innocent approach and the constant urge to provide a better customer experience is what gives individuality to Lalita. Her never-ending longing to provide personal touch to the customers, through a creative approach is what makes her everybody’s beloved.


Apella Customer Support Executive-Ms. Poonam


Then there is Poonam, who with her youthful positive vibes encourages every person around her. Every thing that she does has that element of excitement which you can find on a little kid’s face. She ensures that every feedback is heard and reaches the concerned departments.


Apella Customer Support Executive-Ms. Renu


She is the one whose work exudes not just perfection, but also empathy. Her elegance and finesse sums up her personality. Always approachable, she is the one who not only gives her best to answer your questions and queries, but also the one who ensures that every feedback reaches the concerned team.


Apella Order Processing Executive-Ms. Kiran


Hand over any task to her and you will always find her high on enthusiasm. Just like her name suggests, she is that ray of happiness who can light up every room she enters in. Her flexible approach to work ensures that every order that you place with us gets processed smoothly.




Apella QC Supervisor-Mrs. SarlaAs her name suggests, Mrs. Sarla carries that simplicity in her work which reflects in everything that she does. Her easy-going nature makes her the go-to person no matter whatever the problem is. She ensures that you get flawless products.


Apella Order Processing Executive-Ms. Vaishali 


A newbie in our team, Vaishali is a go-getter, who won’t move an inch from her desk, before ticking off all the tasks from her to-do list. Quick to grasp new things, her adaptability has made her an integral part of the Order Processing Team. Her organised manner of functioning ensures everything that you order reaches you in an excellent way.

These are just some of the Women at Apella who make your Outfits Simply Awesome!

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