Comforting Cottons

The light breathable fabric that keeps your skin cool in summer, the one that flutters flirtingly in the breeze, yes that very fabric is cotton!!
Cotton is the most widely produced natural fibre. It is highly versatile and can be a suitable pick for a work attire, evening wear and even lounge wear. The feel and wear varies based on manufacturing technique.
Cotton accepts dyes beautifully providing bright rich shades and crisp designs. It’s extremely absorbent nature provides comfortable knits that wick moisture from the body easily.
Since Cotton doesn’t require an extensive chemical process to be transformed into a garment, it becomes the first choice of those with a sensitive skin. The reason- Cotton is not just skin friendly but also odour free.
Like most natural fibres, Cotton can shrink when subjected to high temperature. So, wash care includes using cold water and a delicate cycle setting on the washing machine.
So, get all set to explore our wide collection of Cottons for an easy breezy experience!!
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