Flowy Rayons

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Think of a fabric that gives you a luxurious feel at an economic price. The one that will pop up in your mind the earliest will probably be Rayon!!

Rayon is known for its beautiful and vivid colors, thanks to its ability to retain colors very well. It is a highly breathable fabric known for its softness. The unmatched absorbency it offers makes it a quick pick for hot humid weather.

Made from natural sources of cellulose such as wood and related agricultural products, Rayon combines both man made and natural fibres. The comforting and soft drape of Rayon makes it appropriate for flowy dresses, kurtas and bottoms. 

What’s more, Rayon is a biodegradable fabric. In fact some forms of Rayon are considered to be more eco friendly than Cotton. 

So, Browse through our wide range of Rayons and you are all set to ooze sophistication!! 
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