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One of the most popular festivals, Holi, is one the way. It represents a colourful bond among people, along with love and togetherness. As we all know Indian festivals are incomplete without sweets and drinks. So as you will play around with vibrant gulal, you would also want to enjoy hot snacks and cold beverages. But in today's health conscious world, the exciting Holi desserts are a matter of concern because of their high calorie content. So, most of us keep ourselves away from the mouth- watering taste of dishes. But need not worry! As there is a solution to every problem. Now you will not run half- heartedly from enjoying your favourite food. But how? The answer is by cutting down the sugar content in sweets and other dishes - without ruining the actual taste. All you need is replacement of sugar and a desire to celebrate a colourful and healthy Holi with your family. 

Let me share with you the top 5 desserts that are low in sugar and high on taste. 

1. Mixed Fruit Gujiyas - Gujiyas are everybody's favourite and Holi celebrations are incomplete without their flaky and crispy taste. This time you must try low calorie mixed fruit gujiyas and celebrate this Holi with complete enthusiasm, while taking proper care of your health. 

2. Thandai - What you cannot miss in Holi is the cooling flavour of Thandai. It helps our body to get the goodness of dry fruits and nuts to beat the summer heat. A nutrient rich saffron flavoured thandai  is a healthy drink which you should definitely try out.

3. Fruity Rice Kheer - Dates puree replaces sugar in this amazing recipe. This makes rice kheer one of the healthiest choices for all the weight - watchers. 

4.Oats and Groundnut Laddoo- Its  taste is favourite amongst the children. The use of jaggery over sugar in these laddoos make them more nutritious. The jaggery also acts as a good binding agent for making the laddoos easily. 

5. Kaju Katli ( Sugar - free ) - can you really make Kaju Katli without adding sugar in it. The answer is YES< by bringing a slight change in its recipe. You can make a mildly sweet tasting Kaju Katli by adding the sweetness of lactose milk sugar.

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