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Meet the Founder

At Apella, we're passionate about the stories that outfits can tell- Stories of individual style, self-expression, and the unique journey each outfit accompanies. And so, we want to share our own story with you—the story of how it all began, straight from the founder herself.

Couple Outfits

When your bond is so special, why shouldn't your outfits be? Thoughtfully paired & curated Sets for you & your loved one, to make you the center of attraction on all Special Days

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Silk Blouses

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Why Apella?

Inclusive Sizes

We believe that You Matter, Your Size Doesn't and so we offer everything- from Casual Wear to Formal Wear and Lounge Wear to Occasion Wear, in sizes from XS to 10XL. No matter your size, you'll find the perfect fit with Apella.

Hassle Free Customization

If going to a tailor to get your products altered is what completes your shopping process, we have a good news. At Apella you can get every product made as per your specifications so that you get a tailor fit without any hassle.

Dedicated Personal Support

Got a question about which Product will suit you the best? Or have some feedback and suggestions about your orders? Our Team of Personalized Support Executives ensure that your experience with us remains seamless.

Free Returns & Exchanges

Thinking what if the product doesn't suit you? Wait no more to try the product. With our easy Return & Exchange process & 100% Money Back Policy, you can shop without thinking twice if the product won't suit you.

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