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When your body is always flagged as 'flawed', the doors to a positive and confident life, eventually close. You are constantly told that you are beyond the pale. Your roly-poly body becomes an obstacle in your journey. You try hard to fit in the unrealistic beauty standards set up by the society. From working out and drinking green tea in the morning to avoiding your favourite ice-cream after dinner, you have to go through a lot in your weight-loss journey.

But have you ever taken a moment to stop and reflect, for whom are you doing all this? Is it for the friends that keep telling you to lose some kilos for looking attractive, or is it for the next-door neighbour who keeps reminding you that only women with perfect bodies are the successful ones? 

But hold on ladies, we here at Apella believe that all bodies are beautiful and have every right to be accepted, embraced and loved. Apella is always with you in breaking the fashion rules and wearing what you truly love. We will alwys be their to help you find perfection in imperfection. With our, ' You Matter, Your Size Doesn't' motto, we will ensure you feel the inclusivity in spite of your size and fashion rules.
So go on Curvy Chics, be the trend - setters and add colours in your lives with Apella!
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