Right to Dress Up

Since ages we have been told that fashion is for the slim and the tall. Corollary to this, some sizes have an advantage over others when it comes to availability of products..

Think of that situation when you enter a store and as you are about to pick the outfit you loved, suddenly you hear, “Ma’am this isn’t available in your size.” Ahh… That curseful moment.

Out of the variety you have to choose your outfits from the limited options available in your size. This isn’t fair, is it?

At Apella, we offer sizes from XS to 10XL in all the categories. Apart from that we offer easy size customization. Thus ensuring that your size doesn’t stop you from choosing your favorite outfits and empowering you by dressing up the way you like.

So, come ahead and avail your Right to Dress Up!!

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