Dupatta For Women - Flaunt Your Ethnic Style Effortlessly

Embrace the cultural richness of Indian ethnic wear with the exquisite Dupatta For Women, a quintessential accessory known for its versatility. Traditionally paired with salwar kameez, salwar suits, and palazzo suits, the Dupatta adds an extra layer of grace to your ensemble. 

At Apella, explore a stunning range of dupattas that effortlessly blend tradition and contemporary style, allowing you to elevate your ethnic wardrobe with flair and sophistication.

Types of Dupatta Online From Apella

Dupattas, also known as 'chunaris' or 'odhnis', hold a distinctive place as one-piece garments within the Traditional Salwar Kameez ensemble. At Apella, we present an alluring assortment of Dupatta Design, each season bringing forth updated styles.

1. Cotton Dupatta

Discover the timeless elegance of Cotton Dupatta at Apella. Lightweight and breathable, this Cotton Printed Dupatta is perfect for casual outings, daily wear, and traditional ensembles, offering versatility and grace in every thread.

2. Printed Dupatta

Explore Printed Dupatta online in India, perfect for infusing your attire with a burst of personality and style. Ideal for both casual and festive occasions, this Floral Print Dupatta adds a playful touch to your ensemble.

3. Embroidered Dupatta

Elevate your style with the luxurious charm of Embroidered Dupatta at Apella, perfect for adding an opulent touch to your ethnic wear. Our Ladies Dupatta enhance the elegance of your traditional ensembles, making them ideal for special occasions and festive celebrations.

4. Chiffon Dupatta

Indulge in sheer elegance with Chiffon Dupatta from Apella, perfect for draping in style and adding a graceful allure to your attire. Lightweight and ethereal, they are ideal for formal events, evening gatherings, and occasions where a touch of sophistication is desired.

5. Fancy Dupatta

Elevate your fashion quotient with Fancy Dupatta from Apella, perfect for making a statement at special events and celebrations. Intricately designed with embellishments and unique patterns, these dupattas add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your ensemble.

Buy Different Colors of Dupattas Online 

Explore the kaleidoscope of colors with Apella's diverse collection of Dupattas. Here you can wide range of colors in dupattas such as Lal Dupatta, White Dupatta, Golden Dupatta, Multi Colour Dupatta, Red Dupatta, Black Dupatta, Pink Dupatta, Green Dupatta, Multicolor Dupatta, Yellow Dupatta, Blue Dupatta, Maroon Dupatta, Purple Dupatta, Silver Dupatta, Orange Dupatta, Navy Blue Dupatta, Colourful Dupatta, Dark Green Dupatta, Grey Dupatta, Lavender Dupatta, Off White Dupatta, Sky Blue Dupatta, Light Pink Dupatta, Mustard Color Dupatta, Mustard Yellow Dupatta, Peach Colour Dupatta, Wine Colour Dupatta, Baby Pink Dupatta, Beige Color Dupatta, Bottle Green Dupatta, Brown Dupatta, Light Green Dupatta, Royal Blue Dupatta, Sea Green Dupatta. With Apella, finding the perfect color for your outfit becomes a delightful exploration, ensuring you stand out in every shade.


Q1. How do I style a dupatta with a salwar kameez for a traditional look?

A1. Drape the dupatta over one shoulder and let it fall gracefully, enhancing the traditional charm of your Salwar Kameez ensemble.

Q2. Are there specific occasions where wearing a dupatta is more appropriate?

A2. Wearing a dupatta is more appropriate for festive events, weddings, and traditional ceremonies, adding a touch of elegance to the attire.

Q3. Where can I buy trendy and affordable dupattas online? 

A3. You can buy trendy and affordable Dupatta Online at Apella, offering a diverse collection that combines style and budget-friendly options.

Q4. What are the different types of dupattas available for women?

A4. Certainly, you can wear a dupatta with Western outfits for a chic fusion look, adding a touch of versatility and style to your ensemble.